Our Earth is the planet of the free Choice, everybody has the right to find his own Truth.

I have shortly presented three truths about the birth of the Universe.


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.



The Universe began about 13,8 billion years ago, when the size of the Universe  was the size of a peach, which then exploded. This is called the Big-Bang.



Red shift of Galaxies

The redshift of distant galaxies means that the Universe is probably expandin. If we then go back far enough in time, everything must have been squashed together into a tiny dot. The rapid eruption from this tiny dot was the Big Bang.

Mixture of Elements

As the Universe expanded and cooled down, some of the elements that we see today were created. The Big Bang theory predicts how much of each element should have been made in the early universe, and what we see in very distant galaxies and old stars is just right.

Microwave Background

Very early in its history, the whole Universe was very hot. As it expanded, this heat left behind a "glow" that fills the entire Universe. The Big Bang theory not only predicts that this glow should exist, but that it should be visible as microwaves - part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.




About 400 years ago Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, changed the astronomical model from old geocentric to the heliocentric model. He was strongly opposed by the Catholic Church. Galileo has been called The "Father of observational astronomy”.

Johannes Kepler`s works also provided more foundations for Isaac Newton´s theory of universal gravitation.

Within the gravitational laws of Newton and the laws of planetary motion from Kepler our solar system moves around the sun in highly definable 3D laws of motion.

Everything has been functioning well in our solar system so far. Problems arose, when Vera Rubin found out that stars that orbit the middle of your galaxy don't behave within the gravitational laws of Newton.

What she discovered was that all of the stars go the same speed in relationship to the middle, like they were pasted on a plate, all revolving together around the center. So, what did the physicists and astronomers do with this major new information? Their interpretation was “Altered Newtonian physics” and Dark matter, instead of something totally new, they did not understand this far.

We know, that very small objects behave according to the Quantum Physics. The rules of the Quantum Physics are very different from our daily experience.

Let`s make an assumption. Galaxies seem not to function according to Newton`s laws. They also are functioning according to the Quantum Physics.

With this assumption we can say: Very small objects and very large objects, like Galaxies, do not follow the laws of Newton. Only “Medium size” objects follow Newton`s laws.

There are Quantum or Multidimensional laws, unknown for us, in the middle of the galaxy. This also means, that dark matter is no more needed. There is no such thing as Dark matter, to be seen in 4D.

Our physics is aware of four fundamental forces. The first pair is the gravitational and electromagnetic force. The second pair is the weak and strong nuclear force.

In the middle of the Galaxies must be a pair of unknown Quantum or Multidimensional forces. Unknown fundamental Quantum forces are probably connected with gravity and magnetism. Thus, there are totally six fundamental forces.

We are living in four dimensions: Length, breadth, height and time. We are observing everything, also the Universe, through the glasses of 4D.

The black holes of the dynamic, living galaxies are constantly destroying old and creating new matter. Small Big-Bangs are happening all the time. Entire galaxies may seem to disappear. Universe is however never really destroying anything - only rebalancing itself. Gamma – rays in these places are very intense.

When hundreds of billions of galaxies seem to destroy and create new matter, red shift, mixture of elements and microwaves equate the Big-Bang. Quantum or Multidimensional phenomena are in 4D invisible.

In 4D we are very used to, that everything, including human beings, have their birth, life and death. In Quantum- or Multidimensional universe this not necessarily the case. Our right brain does not have past or future. It lives in the Now. Only our left brain is capable to handle time.

The Universe is timeless and has always existed.



The Universe is timeless and has always existed. The black holes of the dynamic, living galaxies, seem constantly to destroy and create new matter. When hundreds of billions  of galaxies are doing this, red shift, mixture of elements and microwaves equate the Big-Bang.


What is Your Truth?






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