Influence of the elevated consciousness


At the moment we are able to measure Consciousness

Our earth is the planet of the free choice, everybody has right to find his own truth



Susan Greenfield, the famous English brain- and consciousness researcher, illustrates human consciousness:

“Consciousness must be the BYPRODUCT of our complex brain functions”.



Deceased English professor John Lorber was very attracted to explore people having so called hydrocephalus. The picture above shows, that most of this brain is more or less filled with liquid. Many of this kind of people however behave fully normally.

The best example might be a student from Sheffield UK, who had only 5% of his brain tissue left, according to John Lorber`s estimate. He was an excellent mathematician and his IQ was measured as 126.

One of the main tasks of our brain is to process and “print out”. It seems, that very small amount of our brain tissue is able to do these functions perfectly.

Look at the link Chromomosome Pair 24,

which tells, that Our multidimensional human DNA encloses all existing knowledge and skills of the Universe. This is why “Brainless” people do not have any difficulties with memory.

Professor emeritus William A. Tiller, at Stanford University USA, is one of the pioneers in exploring human consciousness.

His numerous experiments have shown, that it is possible to change the pH- values of pure water by the human will or consciousness.

See pic down

Our consciousness is Energy having Physical impact


We are able to measure only the pH-values of the Energy, thus it must be Quantum- or Multidimensional


- Compare to the Quantum Physics, measurer`s consicousness has impact on the measurement.

The Global Consciousness Project is an international project having about 70 random number generators all over the world.

Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, the network of RNGs becomes subtly structured.

This kind of events have been the attack to the twin towers in New York, the tsunami in the year 2004, the memorial service of princess Diana etc. The multidimensional energy will affect the random number generators. For more information look at the link


Nurses and doctors sometimes find themselves in strange situations. Patients, having dementia, Alzheimer`s disease, brain tumor etc. may have been years unable to communicate.

A few hours before their death these patients may surprisingly start to discuss with nurses or patient´s family as if they never had any brain problem or disease.

See also this


You decide, what is your truth

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