Humankind has almost destroyed themselves close to each 0 -point, because of the low consciousness

The Great Flood 2807 BC

My own small notebook tells that the mantel of the earth has turned both 13.000 years and 5.000 years ago when the swarm of meteorites impacted the earth. Meteor strikes were more common in those times. The later impact took the angle of the earth to aoptimum angle of the 23,43695°. More precisely around the 10th of May 2807 BC. Following dust cloud was enormous and resulted huge rains all over the world. This is the story of the Noah`s ark and the Flood.

The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, the Navajo, the Lakota and the ancient Hawaiians. Dozens and dozens of those who are now extinct, knew, that the new Era has arrived to humanity 21.12.2012. Ancient people did not surely discuss with each other. They just knew intuitively the truth.

(We cleared the test because of the collapse of the Soviet Union 1991. Saved us from World War three and total destruction)

"Master Physicist" - God gave us 144,000 years to go. About 100,000 years ago humanity was seeded by Pleiadians. We still have time to develop.

Look also

See http://www.wasapower.fi/200564232


The ancient Egyptians constructed pyramids using their high consciousness and elegant 12-based math of the Universe, in ways we do not understand today.

Ancient people did not have telescopes, microscopes or computers. However they intuitively knew the secrets of the Universe. The Sumerians were aware of the Saturn`s rings. The Dogons in Africa knew amazing issues. 

See Wikipedia link (Having typical derogatory comments, mythology etc., people of those times were as wise as we are - even wiser)



Todays astronomical knowledge



Astrology, the oldest science of the Earth, started probably in Sumeria. Our science says astrology to be Pseudoscience, even though the very basic knowledge is Nobel -awarded.

Read more about Astrology


The Cosmic Lattice

About 11,000 years ago the magnetic field of the Earth was very exceptional. Massive Solar flares produced unusual plasma-based activity into atmosphere, which allowed humans to reach DNA effectivity up to 50 % even higher.

Using their high consciousness humans developed the way to utilize the Cosmic Lattice for producing unlimited amount of electricity. This is still to be uncovered in ice layers. Some day this will be developed again.

Our today`s science imagines to be superior compared with ancient sivilizations. It seems however, that we have a lot to learn from them.

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Oikein mielenkiintoista. Pidän erityisesti ajatuksesta, että galakseista lähtien luonnonlait ovat erilaiset kuin maapallolla. Mihin ajatuksesi perustuvat?

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Koska liikumme tieteen reuna-alueilla, emmekä voi olla täysin varmoja, kannattaa odottaa 100 v. saadaksemme tieteellisen varmuuden.

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Joo, nähty on.

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